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"Jesus came and told his disciples, "I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age." [Matthew 28: 18-20]

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Sunday, December 2, 2007 10:49 p.m.



Thanks to Sophira, she's done a makeover for me and I couldn't resist to make a switch to blogspot. Thank you pitas for being loyal to me. It's been a great 5 years blogging here, but it's time to start afresh with 2008 coming!

Everyone, please relink me!!!! Ciaoz

Friday, November 9, 2007 03:26 a.m.

      I can't believe I'm still awake now at 3:26 a.m. in the morning! That's due to the fact that I took a Cath-nap (get the pun?) from 6pm until 10.30pm because I had a bad migraine thanks to only having two hours of proper sleep before that.

      Despite the headache, I still dragged myself to PJ to attend a worship workshop by LIFE Church from Melbourne, Australia. The senior pastor and his worship team were down and gave a workshop at Grace Assembly, PJ. Although I was tired, I managed to stay alert and it was a worthwhile day spent there from 10am until 3pm. I skipped lunch and took a nap down at GRC.

      At the workshop, the team members shared from their hearts about what worship means to them, and the importance of worship as a lifestyle and not a performance on Sunday on the stage. In the afternoon, we had more practical sessions where the vocalists demonstrated how to sing in parts and the band members showed us how a song was created and "flavoured" to make it more appealing. Those who attended the workshop were also given a chance to sing with the team and try out the instruments and attempt a four-movement chord progression used during free worship. Yours truly, had the opportunity to try the electric guitar and jam for about 2 minutes! Totally awesome!

      But what I remember most was something that the senior pastor - Pastor Nicholas - said. He said...

      "Your gifts won't carry you as far as your character will."

      Wow. Did you get see that the Spirit of God was talking behind Pastor Nick's statement? The moment I heard it, my heart just stirred up within me with conviction! What a revelation! Isn't it true that no matter how gifted we are in various areas in our lives - music, leadership, vocal, intelligence, etc - if our character doesn't reflect God, or our character doesn't reflect maturity and stewardship, our gifts will not be carried forth into full completion.

      To be more blunt on this point is to say...

      If we don't work on our characters, the gifts that God has placed within us will never surface because we haven't grown to that level of releasing those gifts.

      Our God is a God of faithfulness and stewardship. If we don't work on our lives first, but constantly look at our gifts, our gifts, our gifts AND our gifts... we neglect on working out our salvation with fear and trembling. We forget to become Christ-like. We neglect working on overcoming character flaws. Instead, we become full of pride, and rely on our talents and think we know it all. We think we can just press the "Play" button on our talents and the show can go on.

      No. The show will not go on and will fail because God won't show up. The whole idea of worship isn't about displaying our talents, but its how much of God can flow through our lives as we minister to the congregation and lead them into worshipping the Lord. It's never about talent. But it's about Christ. When people look at you play or sing, do they see someone who reflects the image of God? Do we bring God the glory as we serve in the worship team? Or have we become puppets and look at our serving as a mechanical response as automatic as just pressing the "play" button as I mentioned earlier?

      I am not on the worship team in my own church. I believe if I were to compare to many, my experience on stage is so little compared to some who have been serving for years in a worship team. I have only just learnt to serve and lead in worship since last year when I first joined GRC. Ever since then, God has been speaking to me time and again, and again and again...over and over again...

      That the time has come, when those who worship Me will no longer worship Me at Jerusalem, but will worship Me in spirit and in truth.

      What is the heart of worship? It's not about the venue you choose, the instruments you own or the voice you have. It's about God. It's about deciding to respond to God and obey Him. It's time to tidy up our lifestyles and use them to worship God instead of putting God on the side and conveniently picking Him up again when we need Him to move among the congregation. God cannot be used like a puppet. He will never allow that. In fact, to do that would be to hold our Lord Almighty in contempt!

      I've said it many times. Perhaps too many. But we need to rise up! We need to get serious with the things of God. It's a high calling to be a Levite, to be a priest and serve God so closely. We need to hunger for God like we've never before. We need to run to that secret place and search for God's heartbeat. And when you do hear God's heartbeat and know what He wants you to do, the response is to obey and to be available. No more excuses, no more saying "Not me, ask someone else."

      It's not about how talented or amazing we are. It's about how awesome and amazing God is. So why look at ourselves when God calls us? Look to Jesus, He sustains us, guides us! When God corners us and tells us to change, we must. If not, He will just stand there and wait. That's dangerous. Because when God waits and doesn't one else can move ahead of God. Those who try to move ahead of God, end up paying a heavy price because God's protection and blessing are not upon them.

      Are you ready to pay the price? Worship isn't just about adoring God alone... sometimes... your worship will cost you.

      Will you pay the price for your generation?

Monday, October 29, 2007 09:22 p.m.

      Every action has a consequence. Sometimes, we move so fast that by the time we hit the "pause" button, it's too late to do anything because you would have probably stirred up unwanted trouble and caused unforseen damage in things, people and situations.

      Today, is perhaps such a day when actions were done BUT without considering the consequences. Today, one person's decision affected other people who didn't need to be affected. Today, disappointment, hurt, anger, frustration and guilt were the result of a decision.

      Life is about decisions. We choose to do things everyday. We choose which can drink to buy during lunch, we choose the words we want to say to express our feelings and thoughts about someone, we choose to listen to words spoken to us and decide whether these words will stay consciously in our mind or to casually slip in one ear and out the other ear.

      It's all about choices, is it not?

      Today was a day of learning a lesson - responsibility. To learn to value things entrusted into our hands and to be good stewards of the grace that was given to us. Being responsible is a choice as well. Responsibility is like the person who sighs and turns back to pick up that odd piece of paper that fell out of the rubbish bin and resist the urge of ignoring it. Responsibility is the decision to do the right thing even if its boring. Responsibility is watching over things entrusted to your hands even when no one is there watching you or evaluating your responsibility.

      Ultimately, we cannot feel responsible. We need to choose to be responsible. Because when we don't, thats when irresponsibility creeps in. We get tired of listening, we get lazy, we get unmotivated to do the right thing.

      That's when this decision starts to influence your life and your attitude. That's not all, that's when this decision begins to affect others around you NOT for the better, but for the worse. That's becomes too late to rectify.

      Do we want to reach that level of decision? Do we need to let things slide until trouble gives up a wakeup call and we're guilt-ridden when we look at the mess that has been made?

      You decide. Make a responsible choice this time.